Renata Barreto

Renata Barreto is a research scientist with the Trust and Safety Research team at Spotify. She has a juris doctorate (JD) and doctoral (PhD) degree from University of California at Berkeley, where her research focuses on the harms that machine learning models cause to marginalized groups. Renata's training is at the intersection of computational social science, science and technology studies, and technology law. She brings these different lenses to identify and measure biases in socio-technical systems, as well as in developing mitigation strategies to address these fairness concerns. Previously, Renata was a visiting researcher with the Responsible AI team at Facebook. She also interned with Twitter's inaugural Machine Learning Ethics and Transparency (META) team and served as a summer research fellow with the Center for Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law. Renata has been awarded the Tech for Social Good fellowship, the Humanity in Action fellowship, and the Eugene Cota-Robles fellowship.