Since the Snowden leaks, tensions between Germany and the US have become especially apparent in the digital realm, with heated debates over surveillance and the right to privacy. The Trump administration has heightened uncertainty about the future of the transatlantic partnership and is exacerbating friction at both political and societal levels.

At the same time, countries on both sides of the Atlantic face similar challenges as they deal with the impact of data-driven automation; fighting cybercrime and increasing cybersecurity; changes in the public sphere due to social media; and countering propaganda and other digitally enabled influence operations.

To build more long-term transatlantic cooperation in the digital age, the Transatlantic Digital Debates foster dialogue among future decision-makers. Following the success of the first round in 2016, the 2017 program brought together nine German and nine American young professionals from different sectors to meet first in Berlin and Hamburg and then again in Washington, DC and Austin.

More information on the next round, TDD 2018, will follow in early 2018. You can subscribe to the GPPi newsletter if you want to receive information about the launch. 



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