2020 Fellows

The TDD 2020 fellows will come together for two dialogue sessions to discuss industrial policy and innovation, internet governance and regulation, and more. TDD 2020 round will hold its final session in fall 2022. TDD 2020 is the fourth cohort of the Transatlantic Digital Debates. Learn about the first cohort, second cohort and third cohort.

Benedikt Abendroth

Senior Security Program Manager, Azure Sphere, Microsoft

Grace Abuhamad

Senior Advisor, NTIA, US Department of Commerce

Shazeda Ahmed

Doctoral Candidate, University of California at Berkeley

Yilmaz Akkoyun

Policy Advisor, German Bundestag

Mana Azarmi

Policy Counsel, Center for Democracy and Technology

Jakob Bund

Project Lead, Center for Security Studies, ETH Zurich

Constance Chucholowski

Founder, Candid Public Affairs

Michael Garcia

Senior Policy Advisor, Third Way

Adriana Groh

Director, Prototype Fund, Open Knowledge Foundation

Nils Hoffmann

Head, GovStart Germany, PUBLIC

Torben Klausa

Journalist, Der Tagesspiegel; Doctoral Candidate, Bielefeld University

Logan McDonald

Senior Site Reliability Engineer, BuzzFeed

Gabriel Nicholas

Research Fellow, New York University

Gabrielle Rejouis

Senior Policy Manager, Color of Change

Simon Rinas

Research Fellow, Center for Advanced Internet Studies

Jianyin Roachell

Data Analyst, MacroPolo of the Paulson Institute

Sophie von der Tann

Correspondent, ARD Hauptstadtstudio

Rachel Wolbers

Public Policy Manager, Oversight Board Administration