Donalene Roberts

Donalene Roberts is an assistant counsel for the Office of Legislative Counsel of the United States House of Representatives. In this position, she writes legislative language for, and provides legal advice to, members of congress and house committees at each stage of the legislative process. Outside of her work with the House of Representatives, Donalene is also the co-chair of the Internet Law and Policy Foundry Policy Hackathon committee, which hosts a global tech policy hackathon for students and early career professionals. She has served on the Foundry's policy hackathon committee since its inception in 2020. Donalene also served as the co-chair of the Foundry's Diversity and Inclusion committee, where she helped co-draft internal policy guidelines to ensure that events and conversations on technology policy were inclusive of, and mindful of the impact of technology on, marginalized individuals. During law school, Donalene was a research assistant for the Center on Privacy and Technology, a privacy policy extern at Meta, a student advocate in the Federal Legislation Clinic, a participant in the Iron Tech Lawyer competition, and a participant in the MIT-GULC legislative practicum. She holds a bachelor’s degree in French and political science from Rutgers University at New Brunswick and a juris doctorate with a focus on tech law from Georgetown University.