Julian Jaursch

Julian Jaursch is a project director at Stiftung Neue Verantwortung (SNV), a non-profit tech policy think tank in Berlin, Germany. His work focuses on questions around tackling disinformation and regulating tech platforms. Through policy analyses and proposals, Julian has provided input for German and European discussions on platform regulation. He was also part of a civil society campaign advocating for fair digital campaigning during the 2021 German elections. Prior to this, he worked at a lobbying company and at non-profit organizations, where – among other things – he led a know-your-rights campaign to empower citizens to use their EU data protection rights. Julian completed a bachelor’s degree in journalism and the TransAtlantic Master’s Program at the University of North Carolina, Humboldt University Berlin and Free University Berlin. His doctorate in political science, for which he conducted research at Free University Berlin and Columbia University, explored US states’ transatlantic relations.